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 Learning is a process not a place
 This web site is designed to support the students of Distance Education under School of Education Kathmandu University. 


General notice for old students!

All the registered students for MEd in Educational Management (1-year/2-year) are requested to enroll the courses. Please follow the instruction given below to be enrolled.

Access to Course Area

  • Creating New Account: Follow the link: http://www.distance.kusoed.edu.np and choose Create your account in Course Area from Student Support dropdown menu. Read the given instructions and follow the steps.
  • Access to your Account: Follow the link:http://www.distance.kusoed.edu.np and choose Join Course Area from Student Support dropdown menu.

Enrollment to a Course
If you create an account successfully, you can access to the front page of the course area. You can use the username and password that we supplied during the process of account creation.
First of all, access to your account and follow the steps given below to enroll the courses.

  • Select the course that you have to be enrolled.
  • Supply enrollment key and click enroll me button.

Enjoy access to course area from where you can:

  • Download self learning package(s) of the concerned course(s).
  • Get access to all the reference reading materials.
  • Chat/send personal email to the course facilitators.
  • Upload your assignments.
  • See your feedback as well as the grades on assignments.
  • Create your personal blogs and participate in the social forum to interact with the course facilitators and friends enrolled in the same courses.
  • View upcoming events, recent course activities and calendar.
  • Participate course activities like discussion on forum, take survey and attempt quizzes.


  • Course enrollment keys will be provided to the students via E-mail after they register for the course.  
  • If any account remains inactive for 15 days, the account will be deactivated automatically. An application with an appropriate reason is required to activate the account.
  • All the activities are automated in the course area. So, keep yourself up to date to meet all kind of deadlines. 

If you encounter any problem to access the course area please contact to admin@kusoed.edu.np or call via Skype ID= kusoed (Sunday–Friday, 3:00PM to 4:00PM)


Distance learning has created an entirely new way to obtain a meaningful education. It empowers and enriches the knowledge of millions, who have enthusiasm to learn. Continuous learning and updating knowledge has now become essential more than ever before. It is a must to keep pace with the dynamic demands of all professions.  Distance education is one such fast developing concept. With this, the less successful ones would become more successful and the successful ones can reach to the top. Hidden potentials, dormant talents, aptitude, interests and aspiration can be developed to the fullest through distance learning. Many teachers in Nepal want to obtain professional education without the constraint of distance, time and age. They also want to pursue a degree without interrupting their career. In this context, distance education is the only effective way of making their hidden wishes a success. Realizing the need and aspiration of distance education, Kathmandu University School of Education (KUSOED) has taken a pioneering step towards providing distance education through its online networking system with a mission to deliver latest technology through advance courses to the rural and urban people at an economic price yet not compromising with the quality of delivery.     

Kathmandu University School of Education is pleased to announce the admission for M.Ed. programs in Distance Mode first time in Nepal.

Some clips of the orientation program at DE centre KUSOED (Held on September 7, 2011)




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